Native Fashion Trends for Men 2020

native attire for nigerian men

Nigeria fashion trends are setting the pace in the global arena (native fashion). 

You can see Nigeria attires across the country. The adoration of wearing native styles reinforces cultural pride. 

Here are native fashion trends for men in 2020

  1. Isiagu Styles: This outfit is also known as the chieftaincy outfit. Isiagu is a traditional Nigeria wear for the Igbo people. 

The design seems like a shirt with embellished tribal gold patterns and colours. 

Isiagu styles feature graphics representing horses, crowns, lions, swords, etc. Men wear them with plain trousers.  

  1. Senator styles: This style traces its origin to Delta. This outfit includes a shirt that extends to the knees and pants. They make the latest designs to be tight-filling. 

It is one of the trendiest Nigerian styles and is currently riding on high recognition. It features in either a short and long-sleeved shirt dressed in western-style trousers.

  1. Ankara Styles: This is one of the popular styles in Nigeria fashion. Many latest styles are base at Ankara style. Anyone wearing it can style Ankara with sunglasses or a hat to create a unique look. Men can use Ankara pants, T-shirts, shirts, blazers, a matching suit, shoes, shorts. 
  1. Atiku Styles: This is one of the most in-demand Nigeria fashion styles. The fabrics make up a large number of native and traditional attires compelling a considerable fashion craze. It features a firm lace texture that is thin. Hence, eliminating the sea-through perforators seen on many materials. It is in one colour in one material. 

Variation in thickness depends on the brand and quality. Multi-coloured preference for multi-coloured fabric goes contrary to the Atiku fabric. 

  1. Nigerian Danchiki: Also known as Danchiki, the style traces its origin to the Yoruba and Hausa people. It features a top shirt with unique V-collar buttonless slit and stitched interlacing. 

They wear danchiki with trouser and/cap. 

  1. Agbada Styles: One of the features that make the style unique is the overflowing flaps that demand the wearer to keep them steady on the shoulders. Some costumes make use of traditional beads and identical accessories. Step out with an ‘Agbada’ with a pair of pants and a slim-fit inner shirt. Agbada with a golden embroidery can be a good idea for an important event. 

  1. Kaftan Style: Also known as ‘Aso ebo’, is specially crafted for special occasions like funerals, family reunions, marriage, and birthdays and many others. 

It features long narrow trousers and straight tunic extending down to the middle of the thigh or further down the knee. The ordinary Kaftan comes in a variety of shades of colours and is undoubtedly comfy and stylish wear characterized by embroidery and native ornaments. 

  1. ‘Sokoto’ with matching ‘Buba’: The ‘Buba’ is a native shirt that is generally long. You can go for a short-sleeved or long-sleeved ‘Buba.’ The ‘Sokoto’ is a trouser intended to be tight-fitting and extend to the ankles. 

The versatility of the ‘Sokoto’ allows one to wear it with other outfits like the ‘Agbada.’ The pants will feature a drawstring to hold it in the right position.

  1. Babban Riga: Babban Riga is cultural wear of the Hausa people. The outfit shares similarities with the Agbada. They wear them with accessories styled with a hat and a pair of shoes. 

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