5 types of shoes every fashionista should own

types of shoes every fashionista

As a 21st century lady, you can never go wrong with too many pairs of shoes. Not everyone can meet up with the ever-changing fashion trends. That means you have to choose wisely and invest in the right shoes so that you can be comfortable and still look chic. 

We have made a list of top 5 footwear styles that are wardrobe-essentials.

1. Ballet Flats

Featured styles: A166-600A Delicate Bow Trim Flats,

3869-2 Vintage Foldable Ballet Flats

For every fashionista, it is essential to have ballerina pumps for apparent reasons. Whatever you are putting on, ballet flats are a perfect fit. You can pair them with skirts or shorts, dresses, skinny jeans as long as you are mindful of the colour palette. 

Whether you are running casual errands or getting relief from a sore day with heels, ballet flats are your best solution. They are lovable. 

Ballet flats also come in handy when planning for a trip. These shoes are very flexible and light in weight such that you can fold them and pack them wherever you go. 

2. High Heels

Featured style: 1701-2 Crystal Embellished V-Front Pointy Heels

Even if you are not a fan of heels, it is essential to have a pair of heels in your wardrobe. Ensure to invest in the right ones so that it goes with about anything you put on. It’s recommended you have at least two picks- A comfy and bolder choice.

Whether you are going for a post-work event, wedding dinner or date nights, there is a high chance that you will need a pair of heels. If you are wearing a monotone outfit, you can touch it up with a big and bold pair of heels. 

3. Classic Sneakers 

Featured style: 318-11 Glittery Athleisure Flatform Sneakers

This is another essential piece you need to have in your wardrobe. If you have a lot to do in a day, whether its running chores, going shopping, or a lazy weekend you need a pair of trustworthy classic sneakers. Also, the athleisure trend does not seem to be fading out any time soon. It is even becoming acceptable to wear sneakers to work.

Light up your footwear fashion with a stylish pair of black or white kicks with the right design, so you don’t appear over casual at work.

4. Loafers


Featured style: 817-5 Glittery Espadrille Loafers

This men-inspired style has taken over sneakers and ballerina flats as weekend footwears. Comfortable shoes do not have to look dull as proven with loafers. Go for a classic black or a pair of off white upper in eye-catching glitter with an espadrille twist for summery vibes.

Dressing Tip: Team these with your favourite chinos, a sundress or skinny jeans to make a bold fashion statement.

5. Ankle Boots

Featured style: 6655-501 Pointed Toe Suede Boots

Ankle boots are surprisingly fashionable and can fit everyday looks and not only for seasonal trends. Whatever the season, Ankle boots will remain in fashion. Whether you are going to work or attending a rock concert, you can always rock your iconic boots. Come the colder months, match your boots with your furry jackets.

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