30 Interesting Facts About Jean

30 Interesting facts about jean
30 Interesting facts about jean
30 Interesting facts about jean

A walk down the street greets you with a sight of two out of three individuals wearing a pair of jean. It is then safe to say that most people own a pair of jeans. With thousands of fashion companies selling denim items, it is a great idea to know one or two about them. 

Below are 30 facts about denim:

  1. Denim was believed to have been invented in Genoa, Italy as far back as the 1500s. It was made for the Navy while on duty. 
  2. Although the Italians first introduced it, the material; came from Nimes, a French city. The material got its name from ‘de Nimes’ which means ‘from Nimes’ in English.
  3. ‘Jeans’ originated from the word ‘Gene’. It is the French word for the city of Genoa. 
  4. Over 200 jean can be made from a bale of cotton.
  5. Every individual in America owns at least seven pairs of Jeans.
  6. Every year over 7 billion foot of denim fabric is produced. 
  7. Denim has been in vogue for hundreds of years now, but it was viewed as a sign of rebellion by the young people in the 1960s. Establishments began to refuse entry to people wearing jean. They were concerned that they were part of a protest. 
  8. It was first introduced in the 16th century, but Levi Strauss popularised it in the 1870s. He produced clothes for working-class people and miners since the material was cheap.
  9. May 20th marks the birthday of blue jeans. It was the day Levi Strauss patented his idea.
  10. It is prevalent to see blue jean, but the colour is created using indigo dye. This was the perfect colour to hide the dirt that gets on the cloth, very ideal for sailors and miners. 
  11. Although bootcut jeans and baggy jeans were in vogue in the 50s to 70s, a lot of individuals prefer skinny jeans today. Talk about a perfect fit. These are created by mixing denim with another fabric called elastane, which stretches the material a little bit. 
  12. The creator of the famous brand Levi, Levi Strauss, never at any point wore any of his creations. He made jeans for the more unfortunate people and being a wealthy businessman. He never wore jeans. 
  13.  The name ‘jeans’ didn’t come up until the 1950s. It was formerly known as ‘overalls’.
  14. The first label sewn onto an item of clothing was in 1936. It was a red flag sewn onto the back pocket of a pair of Levi’s. 
  15. Unfortunately, a whole lot of denim items are manufactured in sweatshops in developing countries, even though the westerners wear it the most. 
  16. Each year, over 450 million pairs of jeans are sold in the United States of America. 
  17. During World War II soldiers wore jeans while off duty, as they were very comfortable and it allowed them to stress less about getting dirty. 
  18. In 1998 the oldest pair of jeans was discovered in an old mine. It is said to be around 115 years old. 
  19. The small pocket located in the bigger pocket of your jean was initially made to house a pocket watch.
  20. George W. Bush discontinued the use of jeans by the Oval Office staff in 2001.  
  21. Jeans are very trendy now and come in different styles. Some retailers even customise jeans for their customers. They could change the pocket size, fit and leg length. 
  22. Jeans have been worn is various hit songs over the year. ‘Blue Jeans’ by Lana Del Rey was released in 2012, and Neil Diamond released ‘Forever in Blue Jeans’ in 1979.
  23. Ripped jeans are one of the most trendy fashion looks of the 21st century. While some people would pay any amount for a pair of quality ripped jeans, most people do a DIY job by watching YouTube tutorials. 
  24. Ever wondered why the interior of demons is white? This is simply because only the exterior is dyed indigo. 
  25. Indigo was imported from India before the 20th century to produce the blue denim look. Later, the artificial dye was created; this resulted in a reduction in the demand for indigo. 
  26. Although the original colour for denim is blue, there are other colours available. All these colours are achieved using artificial dye.
  27. Bing Crosby, a famous singer in 1951, was refused access into a hotel because he was putting on jeans. As a result, Levi’s designed a custom made denim jacket for him.
  28. A significant feature of Levi’s jeans is orange stitching, which is usually spotted in their jeans.
  29. The company that makes over 90% of the world Zippers for jeans is Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikigaisha. Their initials YKK can often be spotted on the zippers.
  30.  The denim weave is one of the strongest and longest-lasting textiles that is formed out of cotton. When cotton is made into denim, the fabric creates a diagonal ribbing pattern. Twill fabric is warp-facing, where the warp yarns are more prominent on the right side. This pattern is what separates denim from other cotton fabrics such as canvas, even though these are sturdy cotton fabrics as well.

With your new-found knowledge about jeans, you can impress others when next you come across a pair of jeans!

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