10 fashion mistakes that are ruining your styles

fashion mistakes

Every woman wants to look beautiful and attractive. We always want to
stay up to date when it comes to fashion. But we make mistakes wearing
those fashions. 

Here are ten fashion mistakes that can ruin your fashion styles:

  1. Not buying for your body type: Pick a fashion that will flatter your best features. Be aware of the colour and pattern. If your smallest point is your waist, dresses that show emphasis on the natural waist will flatter your waist you the more. 
  2. Playing it too safe: If you are the type of person that buys only neutral colours, you are playing it safe. Buying vibrant colours can brighten not only your complexion but also your attitude. Buying only dull colours show you are a culprit of a monotonous style. 
  3. Buying the same size in clothes: Sizing can vary according to the brand, item, and store. The size shouldn’t be a problem. Focus on how it looks on your body. If it’s not the same, make it stylish. 
  4. Every woman can wear heels: Some people believe that a tall lady shouldn’t wear heels because she is tall already so she won’t draw extra attention to herself. The thing is that no woman should
    ever follow if she doesn’t want to. If you are tall and comfortable wearing heels, slay on it. 
  5. Wearing Wrinkled clothes: Not ironing your outfit can turn a fantastic outfit into a fashion disaster. Iron the wrinkles out to see a huge difference. 
  6. Visible Party Liners: When you dress for the day, check out the view from behind to see if you have visible panty liners. Visible panty liners can take your look from sexy to amateurish look. 
  7. Shopping Habits:
     You shop for social media: Do you buy Gucci because you love it or because you want to feel belonged? Buy things that compliment your complexion, size, and height, not for Instagram.
     Not trying it on before you buy: Dresses can look fabulous on the hanger, but, less than amazing on you. But, if you are familiar with the brand or store and sure that the product will fit your body type and style, you can buy without trying them. 
  8. Wearing the wrong bra: An Ill-filling bra is another fashion mistakes that can ruin your style. If you are not sure if your bra will
    fit in your outfit, try it out first before leaving the house. 
  9. Wrong use of accessories: Too many accessories can’t do you any
    good. It will make you look like you are wearing a costume, rather
    than a well-planned outfit. If you wear a statement necklace, your
    other accessories should be a little more understated
  10. Wearing jeans that are too tight: Buy the correct waistline
    that doesn’t dig in, then, wear a belt. It clinches you in without
    leaving any unsightly and uncomfortable bumps. 
    In conclusion, you may see people looking flawless and think you need
    time and money to look good. But, when it comes to styles, less is more.

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