10 Ankara Styles for Men 2020


Ankara styles have become a perfect choice for both male and female in the fashion world. The attractive vibrant prints look great on women and also guys regardless of their colour, age, or race. So today, we will share dressing ideas for males who love to dress in African Ankara styles prints. 

What is Ankara?

Ankara also is known as Dutch Wax Prints or African Wax Prints. These are cotton fabrics dyed and patterned in colourful designs and bright hues. They represent African culture and are common materials worn in West Africa. The printing method is batik-inspired.


Batik is a technique used in dying clothes using the wax-resistance method. The technique originated in Indonesia. The wax is applied to fabrics in patterns. The application can be made using your hand to form dots and patterned blocks. The wax resists the dye, so colour applied after waxing does not affect the waxed areas. The wax is later removed using hot water.


Long before the Dutch introduced the process of Batik in the colonial era, it was used in Africa. An instance is the embalming of mummies. The dutch tried to replicate the wax prints in Europe, which led to its production and popularity in Africa.


The Ankara prints became popular in West Africa during the 1880s. By the middle of the 20th century, they were owned entirely by Africans and became a vital part of the Africa culture.

Their significance can be understood with its use by African women as a means of non-verbal communication. Different designs can be named after personalities, cities and sayings, and each pattern communicates a different meaning. 

  1. Matching Ankara Shirt and Trouser

The great thing about Ankara styles outfits is that you can find a lot of varieties and unique designs. Bright prints are often associated with the feminine, while monotone colours are regarded as masculine.

Thankfully the norm is changing as new trends are rising. African wax prints are full of life and artistically made, and both male and female wear them. This outfit is quite funky and stylish. This will undoubtedly put to rest the debate on men wearing colourful clothes.

  1.  Funky Ankara Jackets

To spice up your regular outfit, you can add a touch of Ankara jacket. It is simple, comfortable, artistically placed and very prominent. The prints are always original in design. 

  1. Ankara Street Style

It is a street style caught in between casual and too-fancy-to-be-casual. These Ankara shorts are the best. The print is very colourful, and you can match a plain wool shirt to go with it. Turn it up a bit with a nice pair of shoes and sunglasses, and you are good to go. 

  1. Head-to-Toe Ankara Styles

Ankara Suits are an excellent choice for those fashion enthusiasts out there that love to experiment. These suits are formal and very classy. You can match these fantastic suits with a classic boat shoe. To know more on how to wear this look, you can go through Instagram accounts of African designers. 

  1.  Lively Ankara Pants

This is another street-style you can try out. You can match your Ankara pants with a simple, crisp shirt. You can complement this look with a pair of shoes and sunglasses that look as chic as your outfit. This look can pass as both casual and formal. African fashion is here to stay. 

  1. A Touch of Ankara Styles

This outfit is subtle. It is very distinctive and eludes charm and a way of adding a touch of Ankara to your everyday look. It is perfect for someone that loves bold designs but hesitates in trying them out. A touch of Ankara helps you incorporate what you love while still maintaining normality.

  1. Bold and Rich Ankara Printed Suits

You need a lot of guts, courage and confidence if you intend to pull this outfit off. This is the height of Ankara fashion, the attire as an alluring appeal like the prints itself. Ensure you wear something plain with an Ankara prints suit. It will intensify the pattern and make it more attractive. 

  1.  Groovy Ankara Hoodies

 You can showcase the pride and love for your culture and heritage with this great-looking hoodie. It is touched with this groovy Ankara pocket that depicts the African heritage.

This Ankara inspired hoodie is Africanized London, which has an impressive clothing line with great creatives for both male and female. You can check on Instagram for more inspiration.

  1. The Perfect Summer Ankara Outfit

Are you going for summer? This is the perfect choice for you! The prints are summer toned and fabulous for an outside look. You can play with different colours, combinations and hundreds of patterns.

This has resulted in a growing global market of prints situated for all types of seasons and occasions. Instead of going for dull colours, men can go for a variety of colours and prints.

  1. Upbeat Ankara Shirt

Neon is another thing that can never go wrong. Neon colours are so beautiful that a combo of three can be devastating for your eyesight. The shirt is bright and full of energy that can brighten up a room. It is not meant for casual wear but can be worn to parties or formal events where it can be appropriately admired.

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